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Heroes 2 None is a Streetpunk/Oi! Band from Aarhus, Denmark and therefore part of a long and proud tradition of that type of bands hailing from our hometown.
We play basic and plain music and keep it simple and true to the roots. You can call it whatever you like and try to fit it in a box but our motto is that if it sounds good then we'll do it regardless if it falls a bit out of the genre.
The band members has a lot of experience from different bands like The Zero Point, War Of Destruction, Skaloot, The Hoolies, The Guv'nors, The Outfit & Last Seen Laughing during the past 35 years. Heroes 2 None consists of the following members:
Søren : Vocal Steen : Guitar JP : Bass Thomas : Drums
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mandag den 5. december 2016


This is the new blog for our new band Heroes 2 None.